New Legacy Media is a Los Angeles based, Multimedia Company specializing in innovative content for television, film and the web.  Pairing cutting edge visuew Leal style with provocative storytelling, the company is best known for creating “real reality” entertainment – cinema vérité style, non-fiction content with purpose. Informative, as well as, entertaining; they stand and deliver a bold alternative to scripted, tabloid style “reality” fare.  Cooking up a slate of programming that not only wets, but satisfies the hunger of diverse audiences everywhere, New Legacy Media continues to develop shows that entertain, inform and even educate, “Watch out you may learn something!”.


The benchmark of success for the New Legacy Media producing team is the autonomy to be hands-on and passionately involved in all aspects of production, from the conceptual stages of pre-production to final delivery.  The scope of projects currently in development represents the wide range of audiences around the world that will tune in to see their own life or the lives of people they wish to see.

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